Listen up, friends! Your own school district might hire McKinsey or Boston Consulting Group, and you need to know that they have a template for “right-sizing” the district. The template has nothing to do with improving education. It is all about cutting costs.


Fortunately for us, Peter Greene has read the 200-page document prepared for the Boston Oublic School district by McKinsey. Here are the highlights:


Close 30-40 public schools.


Cut back or eliminate special education by putting more (all?) students in inclusion classes.


Save on transportation costs by having children walk greater distances to catch a bus.


Increase revenues by having more students eat school food.


Centralize school lunches so everything is cooked in one place and delivered to schools.


Slash central office staff.


Outsource as many functions as possible. (This usually causes costs to rise, since private companies that win contracts have to show a profit.)


Here’s a thought. How about if a committee of educators get a $1 million contract to study the operations of McKinsey and suggest ways to save money. No more expense accounts.cNo more private offices. Share secretaries. Cut salaries to match teacher salaries. There must be many more ways to economize at McKinsey.