Bill Phillis of the Ohio Equity and Adequacy Coalition reports on a court case that would relieve charter corporations of any obligations to pay property taxes.


He writes:
“Case before the Ohio Supreme Court: Is a non-profit real estate company that leases property to a Dayton charter school and is owned by a charter school corporation eligible for a property tax exemption?

“The tangled web of Ohio charter school policy is fertile ground for the weeds of inefficiencies; crafty, convoluted and intertwined contracts; corrupt financial arrangements and duplication of programs and facilities.
“Recently, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that White Hat Management, an operator of charters, owns the publicly-funded physical assets of the charter operation. Now, a charter operative wants the Court to grant the bonus of a property tax exemption for property leased to a charter.
“The Court will hear this case (250 Shoup Mill LLC v. Joseph W. Testa, Tax Commissioner of Ohio et. al.) on April 19. Public school advocates will be very interested in the decision.
“The Ohio charter school experiment, that was supposed to be an incubator of innovation and creativity, continues to waste tax dollars on mostly poor-performing charters. The charter plaintiffs in the 250 Shoup Mill case seek to compound the harm to taxpayers by a request to shift their tax burden to other taxpayers.”


Is there any doubt that a court that would turn over real property purchased with public funds to a private charter entrepreneur would give charters property tax relief?
William Phillis
Ohio E & A


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