Ellen Lubic, a professor of public policy in Los Angeles and a frequent commenter on this blog,  comments here on the recent court ruling that overturned the Vergara decision.


She writes:


“Yes…keep on Raging, Raging. When we lose a free press, unbiased media, we lose democracy. Judging by Campbell’s new gig at LASR [Los Angeles School Report] and by the venomous LA Times (plus the biased NY Times), all is lost.


“Today the LA Times follows up on the last few articles on Vergara over the past few days, and distorts the entire matter. I am writing a full on review of this and hope Diane will post it. So won’t go into the many issues here except to say that Howard Blume and his pals follow the Broad line imposed by their Times bosses, even though they do not have the usual disclaimer on today’s front page manipulated article.*


“They chose once again to interview Ryan Smith, past hatchet man for United Way and now the darling of Edelman fame and fortune, and PRev shyster Ben Austin, former and still hatchet man for Eli Broad and now of Broad/Welch fame and fortune, to be their voices on education issues.


“These two men are in the lead in the deception to steal public education in the name of their view of civil rights. These are the two who led the infamous street charade of Oct. 29, 2013 to get the equally infamous John Deasy’s contract renewed…and the pathetic LAUSD BoE dances to their boss, Eli Broad’s tune. They use this important claim of civil rights to privatize schools, fire teachers without due process, and kill unions, but all on public funds on the backs of the taxpayers.


“No where do the reporters interview some of the skid row (see San Pedro St. in LA) crack mothers of almost 13,000 of LAUSD students who sleep on the streets. No where do these ace reporters do any in depth investigation of how these inner city kids live lives of desperate poverty, little food or rest, and virtually no parental supervision. Yes, there are poverty parents working three jobs to try to exist, but there are thousands of others who have NO business parenting children.


“But how easy it is to blame it all on the teachers. What a load of manure!!


“This story is filled with dichotomies…it is a continuum of despair of inner city life vs. the grandest of wealth and excess of WLA, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills. The 40,000 foot mansions which could house a hundred people, but are vacation homes for the billionaires who seek to run the world are what the tour buses show off…not the tents from 1st and San Pedro stretching for miles and miles, showing the degradation and filth of the poverty stricken, a twenty minute drive from Rodeo Drive.


“The Times hacks NEVER call any of the local activists you read here nor the highly regarded academics like Professor Rogers at UCLA or Emeritus Professor Kashen from USC, but ALWAYS feature the slimy corporatists from Eli Broad’s United Way, and Eli Broad’s California Endowment. So what the public reads is deeply slanted.


“So many of our colleagues from around the country write from the distance, but those of us who are on the ground in LA every day, and see the destruction these uber wealthy demi gods are inflicting in their arrogance, are the true reporters.


“Yes, Raging…I too am Raging from the thick of it.”



*The first post this morning by Mercedes Schneider reported that Howard Blume’s article about Vergara was substantially revised overnight.