The charter wars in Washington State continue. You don’t think Bill Gates would permit his home state to go without charter schools.


The Supreme Court of Washington State ruled that charter schools are not public schools, but charter advocates were undeterred. After all, they have millions of dollars to throw around, but not to pay for the handful of charters they opened.


Allies of the charter industry introduced legislation to fund charters with lottery proceeds. Some Democratic legislators bowed to the Will of the Great Gates. It was left to Democratic Governor Jay Inslee to decide. He displayed a Profile of No-Courage by deciding not to sign the bill. Without his veto, the bill became law.


The legislature showed more concern for the 1,000 students in privately managed charters than for the one million children in public schools. The state’s highest court has ordered the legislature to fund the public schools and is fining that body $100,000 a day for its failure to do so.


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