The Center for American Progress is a D.C. think tank that is closely aligned with the Obama administration and the Clintons. Recently it released a video making fun of people who don’t like the Common Core standards. The parents in the video express absurd views about Common Core and appear to be extremist wing nuts.


CAP doesn’t seem to understand the critics’ concerns and ignores them:


Early childhood educators say the standards are developmentally inappropriate.


The standards assume that all children, when taught the same material at the same pace, will learn at the same pace. They don’t.


The standards overlook children with disabilities and English language learners.


The standards were funded by one man, Bill Gates, who believes in standardization.


The tests for Common Core adopted a passing mark that dooms most children to fail.


Some educators sincerely like the Common Core. Some sincerely believe that the Common Core is harmful to students. Ridiculing those who disapprove of CC does not advance the discussion.


Peter Greene saw the video too, and he was not pleased. He is an experienced high school teacher in Pennsylvania and he is not a fan of Common Core.


He writes:


“The message here is literally that Common Core critics are the tin foil hat crowd. Sigh.


“I mean, who is this for? Satire is only effective for an audience that is familiar with what you are satirizing, but anyone who is familiar with Common Core or the criticism of it knows that CAP isn’t just taking shots at a straw man, but a picture of a straw man pinned to the straw lapel of a straw suit being worn by a straw man. I mean, I consider myself fairly familiar with the art of mockery, and you can’t mock somebody if your mockery doesn’t have some sort of root in reality. A good caricature has to be recognizable as the thing being caricatured. And, not to get all wonky, but it doesn’t even establish an internally consistent world– the Core is new, but their college age daughter went through it, although the parents who fear the Core never noticed what was happening with their older daughter, and all of these family members relate to each other as if they’re strangers?And what are we to make of the message that parents are dopes?



“This simply sidesteps every legitimate criticism ever leveled against Common Core and leaves it untouched, though it certainly does zero right in on all those people who say that Common Core requires you to throw out books or ignore math or has something to do with mutant armies. Really stuck it to those guys, let me tell you. I can’t imagine how they failed to lampoon all those people who say Common Core will make your houseplants die.”


Shame on CAP.