Overnight, as we slept, the blog reached 26 million page views. I started the blog in April 2012.


I have written nearly 14,000 posts. You have written nearly 400,000 comments.


In my view, the comments section of the blog is the liveliest discussion of education issues to be found anywhere in the nation. You, the readers, disseminate local and state news that isn’t reported in the mainstream media. Because of you, the blog has stringers (local journalists) in every state and in thousands of school districts.


The goal of the blog is “a better education for all.” Not a better education for a few, but a better education for all. Great nations have great public school systems, not choice programs that privilege a few and impoverish everyone else; not entrepreneurial schools run by rank amateurs, wannabe educators, and charlatans. Great nations treat their teachers with respect.


We know where we need to go: adequate funding for all; a full curriculum; an end to high-stakes testing; a ban on for-profit schooling; a ban on profiteering in non-profit charter chains; professional autonomy to design lessons and tests; experienced and well-paid teachers; and a full attack on the poverty that burdens so many of our children and their families.


The continued failure of every aspect of what is deceptively called “reform” cannot be ignored or spun by slick PR. Everything the corporate reformers do has failed. Their day has come and gone. They had their chance and they showed the shallowness of their ideas, which are rooted in behaviorist theories that prevailed a century ago. They remain in power by deception and the power of money, not the efficacy of their ideas. They will go out with the tide. Bad ideas do not last. Think “Ozymandias.” The future belongs to those who cherish and love children, those who love and teach knowledge, not those who see children as tools for their own ambition and who reduce knowledge to standardized basic skills.