Readers of this blog have been informed of the misuse of taxpayer monies to pay off campaign contributors in Ohio, if they were canny enough to invest in charter schools. The general public is not. They keep hearing from the mainstream media that Kasich is the moderate in the race. The MSM forgets that Kasich tried to eliminate collective bargaining, but the voters of Ohio overturned the law Kasich pushed through. The MSM is completely clueless about the ongoing charter scandals in Ohio, where for-profit charter owners give big bucks to the Republican party or individual legislators and get preferential treatment.


Here is one effort to tell the charter scandal story.


Here is another. This is a big story, the story of ECOT, the state’s most profitable online charter, whose owner donates about a quarter million to politicians every year while he cleans up.


Here is an excerpt from the story linked above in “Plunderbund” about ECOT (the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow) and the plundering of taxpayers and children:


Question: Would the Columbus Dispatch cover a story in which the Superintendent of the Columbus City Schools hired his own two privately-held companies to provide services for the school district at a cost of over $22,000,000 per year without having to disclose how that money was being spent?


And then what if that same Columbus City Schools superintendent bought two $300,000 homes, paid them off, gave one to his daughter (who he hired to help run one of his companies), then proceeded to purchase a million-dollar estate?


And what if he did so while still managing to donate well over $200,000 per year to political campaigns?


And what if this all occurred while the district was putting up performance numbers that are lower than the district’s results that the Dispatch loves to criticize on such a regular basis?


Would that superintendent have lasted the sixteen years that Lager has been in power while receiving significant raises every year?


Ask yourself a question, what would your annual income have to be to so readily give away $246,000 per year to people who “supposedly” aren’t giving you anything in return? If Lager worships at the Republican altar, then his “tithe of 10%” would put his annual income in the neighborhood of $2,460,000!


Would the Columbus Dispatch ignore this story if the Columbus City Schools superintendent was making over $2 million per year?


Now to be fair and bring this to an apples-to-apples comparison, since Columbus has 3.5 times as many students as ECOT, the Columbus City Schools superintendent’s annual salary would have to be at least $8,610,000 to be comparable to equivalent to Lager’s annual take. Would the Columbus Dispatch write about that? Would they create a cheap graphic to post in the left margin every time they wrote about this scandal?