I posted this earlier, but I had not watched the entire video, just a snippet. I just watched the full video, and I couldn’t stop watching. This is the video of the Congressional grilling of the U.S. Department of Education’s Chief Information Officer Danny Harris and Acting Secretary of Education John King.


The entire discussion is startling. I won’t say anything more. Just watch it. If you stay for ten minutes, you won’t want to stop.


Rep. Chaffetz’s (R-Utah) grilling of John King is relentless. Despite his ethical “lapses,” Danny Harris received $230,000 in bonuses over time for his work, in addition to his $183,000 in salary, and $15,000 from Howard University. Plus, he ran two businesses on the side. And at one point, he consulted with the Detroit public schools. The point was made by Congresspersons again and again, that the Department of Education had one of the lowest ratings for its management of any federal department.


Rep. Maloney (D-NY) wanted to know why the contracts involved were not competitively bid. She did not get an answer. She wanted to know why Mr. Harris’s actions were not violations of law or policy. She did not get an answer other than the claim that DOE lawyers said there was no violation in not reporting income to either the Department or to the IRS. Astonishing.


One thing you learn: Acting Secretary of Education John King sees no violation of law, regulation, or policy in the behavior of the CIO, who ran two businesses on the side, did not report his income to the IRS, and oversaw a single-source contract to a friend. Mr. Harris was not sanctioned in any way; he received counseling; he received excellent evaluations. King makes endless excuses. King insists there was no violation of department policy or regulation to earn outside income and not report it. Really?


Where is the accountability?