Emily Talmadge, who teaches and blogs in Maine, noticed that her blog was being followed by a private investigator firm.

She had written two columns about high-powered consultant Robert Marzano. She received a letter from him, warning that she had slandered him. She said he had never taught; he had, for a few years. She said he had a $6 million contract with the Detroit Public Schools. He denied it. She then obtained a copy of the contract from a reporter in Detroit.

Her point? Why is a district that has no money paying $6 million for professional development?

She writes:

“Across the country, parents and teachers are growing angrier at the disconnect between the real needs of school districts and how funds are being spent. In the case above, the money would have been enough to pay at least 22 teachers for five full years.

“Instead, students in Detroit are now attending classes with 40-50 students, while teachers are wrestling with a development program that many feel is interfering with their ability to teach.”

Kudos to Emily for her investigative work.