Teacher Steve Singer wrote a terrific post responding to the insulting comments made by Rex Tillerson, the CEO of Exxon, about American students.


He writes to Rex:


My daughter just turned seven during this holiday season.


She loves to draw. She’ll take over the dinning room table and call it her office. Over the course of a single hour, she can render a complete story with full color images supporting a handwritten plot.


These narratives usually star super heroes, cartoon characters and sometimes her mommy and daddy. In these flights of fantasy, I’ve traveled to worlds lit by distant suns, been a contestant on a Food Network cooking show, and even been a karate pupil to a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sensei.


That little girl is my pride and joy. I love her more than anything else in this world.


Make no mistake – She is not anyone’s product.


She is not a cog to fit into your machine. She is not merchandise, a commodity, a widget for you to judge valuable or not. She is not some THING for you to import or export. She is not a device, a gadget, a doodad, a doohickey or a dingus. She is not an implement, a utensil, a tool, or an artifact.


Her value is not extrinsic. It is intrinsic.


She is a person with a head full of ideas, a heart full of creativity and passion. She has likes and dislikes. She loves, she lives, she dreams.


And somehow Tillerson, this engineer turned CEO, thinks she’s nothing more than a commercial resource to be consumed by Big Business. He thinks her entire worth as a human being can be reduced to her market value. It doesn’t matter what she desires for herself. It only matters if she fills a very narrow need set by corporate America.


But what else should we expect from the man in charge of ExxonMobil? The corporation has a history of scandal, corruption and malfeasance going back decades.


Steve’s daughter is a child, a wonderful joyful child.


Exxon on the other hand is a corporation that was responsible for a major oil spill that damaged the pristine environment in Alaska (remember Exxon Valdez?) Exxon threatens the environment. As Steve shows, Exxon underwrote the cost of climate change denial groups. Exxon supports fracking. Rex is paid $40 million a year to run a corporation that pollutes the water and the air.


Hey, Rex, you owe Steve’s daughter an apology. You owe the children of America an apology.


Until you apologize, I will buy my gasoline elsewhere.