EduShyster invites you to make a contribution to a wonderful group: the student activists of New Orleans.

She has written an important post about the most powerful participants in the New Orleans experiment, the voices that are seldom heard: the students.

Read about the students who launched a new organization called “Kids Rethink New Orleans,” and the work they are doing to tell their story.

She writes:

“My fave part of the Rethinkers’ approach? Students talk to their peers, not just about what’s wrong with their schools, for example, but what a different kind of education, might look like. Take the strict discipline that is now the norm in New Orleans’ charter schools. 
“Seventy seven percent of the youth interviewed, and 90% of those over 13 years old, said that they felt that their schools were designed for them to fail. *[A]lot of the rules in the school were basically made for you to fail,* says 18-year-old Jenny. When students complain that their schools make them feel like prisoners, the Rethinkers push them to try to articulate what being treated like a human being in their schools would look and feel like.

“Here’s 18-year-old Jyreisha: ‘To be treated like a human in my school is to take the red lines off of the ground and allow people to walk how they want to walk to class and wear what they want to wear on their wrists and in their hair because none of those things really matter like what color scrunchie you wear that day shouldn’t determine what kind of education you’re gonna get.’

“Other students envision schools that are focused on rebuilding still-broken neighborhoods, where the emphasis is on community rather than competition.” 


EduShyster urges you to donate to this wonderful organization.