Earlier today, I posted news that the people of Flint, Michigan, lost access to safe drinking water because its “emergency manager,” appointed by Governor Rick Snyder, cut the budget for clean water. Consequently many young children suffered lead poisoning. The state said it made a mistake.


But it it was worse than a mistake. State officials were informed and dismissed the complaints. They lied and tried to cover their tracks.


Arthur Delaney of Huffington Post writes:

“Michigan state officials insisted that the water supply in Flint was safe even though they knew an unusual number of children had suffered lead poisoning, according to a scientist who helped blow the whistle on Flint’s water crisis.”


“Through a public records request, Marc Edwards, a civil engineering professor at Virginia Tech, uncovered a July 2015 memo warning of elevated lead levels in Flint kids’ blood.


“An internal report from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services warned that lead poisoning rates “were higher than usual for children under age 16 living in the City of Flint during the months of July, August and September, 2014.”