Rupert Murdoch tweeted that Eli Broad would be buying the Los Angeles Times. The billionaire media moguls keep watch on one another.


Among the organizations that seek Broad funding, it is widely understood that he exercises near total control over how his money is spent. Is that OCD?


He already funds the education coverage of the L.A. Times. Now he apparently wants it all. Maybe they printed a story or an editorial he disagreed with. People with billions have a hard time believing that they are ever wrong.


This is bad news for Los Angeles and for the free press. It is not healthy when a journalist cannot write freely, without regard for the views of the publisher.


The ownership of so much of the media–print and television, networks and cable stations–by a handful of moguls is not good for our democracy.


All that remains free is social media, and all too often social media is unsourced, gossip, rumor, and innuendo.


We need a free press. I don’t know how we will get one back once it has been bought up by a few billionaires.