• The “Foundation for Education Excellence,” created by Jeb Bush to promote choice and digital learning (many of its big donors are tech corporations), recently released a poll of Georgians. The objective was apparently to show that the people of Georgia were eager for school choice.

But it if you look at the graphs, Georgians told the pollsters something they didn’t want to hear and did not remark on.


When asked what did they think was the best way to improve the leading answer was reduce class size; number two was increase teachers’ salaries. The two combined were 67%. Then came school safety, then technology. In fifth place, school choice was chosen by only 17%. Solid majorities were in favor of spending more on the schools.


The pollsters concluded that Georgia was ripe for reform. “Our recent survey of Georgia voters on behalf of the Foundation for Excellence in Education (ExcelinEd) indicates that the landscape in Georgia is fertile for education reform. Voters are concerned about their local schools and most believe they do not have enough flexibility to spend their funding.” But not so much for school choice.