Not long after I started blogging, I received a paperback book in the mail from an author. It was titled “Teaching As an Act of Love.” I read it and remember thinking what a kind and gentle man he was. He occasionally left comments on the blog. In recent years, I have often seen his tweets and retweets, and I always recognized his face.

Imagine when I picked up the newspaper Friday morning and saw his picture on the front page. My first thought was, “That’s Richard Lakin,” but I couldn’t understand why he was on the front page. Then I realized why he was featured: he was on a public bus in Israel and on his way home, he was stabbed to death by two youths. They stabbed him in the face and in the chest. He died two weeks later.

“Teaching as an Act of Love.”

Here is the New York Times story.

This is what his son posted on Facebook.