In a big victory for the Walton family, the Arkansas Supreme Court overturned a lower court ruling and will allow the state to take over the Little Rock school district. Of 48 schools in the district, six have been labeled “failing” by the state. Nonetheless, the state will oust the elected board and run all the schools.

A former Little Rock school board member, Jim Ross, said of the ruling:

“The Supreme Court of Arkansas is the best court Walton money can buy, so it’s no surprise. … We’re pretending that there’s not a big elephant sitting in the middle of this conversation, which is that the Waltons want to fundamentally destroy traditional public schools. And our state Board of Education is leading in that.

“I’m sure on some level they’re all altruistic people who think they’re doing the right thing, but at the end of the day they’re driven by profit, not people,” Ross said. “They’re driven by the idea that white, educated elites should be in charge, and that black people in our city are irrational, have political agendas, are enslaved to John Walker, whatever it is … there’s a fundamental lack of commitment to democracy.”