Oh, Scotty, we hardly knew ye!

Walker will be dropping out of the Republican primary. With his standing at 1/2 of 1%, he can’t raise enough money to continue. Apparently the Koch brothers no longer answer his phone calls.

Goodbye and good riddance to Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin, whose main credential apparently was his ability to crush public-sector unions and to expand the privatization of Wisconsin’s public schools.

Now if only he would resign his Governorship, Wisconsin might restore its legacy as a progressive state.

I have been thinking about that last Presidential debate on September 16, and I must say it was among the most boring three hours of television ever.

Everyone was totally predictable and absurdly extremist.

Carly Fiorina emerged as the press’s favorite, but the New York Times wrote today that her story of success as CEO of Hewlett-Packard was a fabrication. So was her heart-rending tale about Planned Parenthood videotapes.

Paul Krugman nailed a few more of the lies and tall tales that were tossed off that night.

Donald Trump’s gratuitous claim that vaccinations cause autism was a very low point, since no reputable scientist believes this to be true. He seems to slip easily into Tea Party talking points.

But for me, the worst moment in the debate was when Jeb Bush defended his brother George’s decision to start a war in Iraq, and the topper was when he said of his brother “He kept us safe.” And the audience applauded wildly. That was sickening. The towers fell on his watch. Does anyone other than Jeb, George, and Dick Cheney think the war in Iraq was a success? How many of our young men and women died there?

Rand Paul began to sound like the sanest person on the stage.

I watched to the end, expecting a clown car to emerge and take them all away. Far away. It’s frightening to think that any one of these people might be elected.