Steven Singer, a teacher in Pennsylvania, went with a group of colleagues to meet with Rep. Dan Miller of New Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Miller had been a history teacher; his aide had been a teacher.

“We crowded together in his tiny district office to talk about how standardized testing is destroying public schools.

“Which brings me to the second strangest thing – Rep. Miller didn’t just agree with us, he did so knowledgeably.”

But why, the teachers wondered, does the state continue to mandate harmful policies?

“Republicans have dominated state education policy for years. They still do. But in Miller we have someone who actually has a say in one of the most critical areas in the state. And he knows what he’s talking about, takes time to meet with real live educators and sympathizes with our cause.

“Which brings me to perhaps the strangest aspect of the whole meeting – Miller’s analysis why more isn’t being done to combat the testing industry.

“The groundswell isn’t there,” he said. “You’re still the fringe.”

Singer asks: where is the middle? Is there a mainstream? Or is it just the lunatic fringe that mandates harmful pixies and the lunatic cringe trying to restore common sense? Is there a middle?