Steve Cohen, educator from Long Island, writes:

“One of our favorite quotes: Einstein: Not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted counts.

“That which counts that cannot be counted is the historical process by which young human beings act to shape their own potential. Genuine teaching is the task of guiding these young people to complete this fundamental task of becoming an adult with the most care, grace, intelligence and wisdom.

“I would bet that everyone of us who learned from a great teacher knows exactly what I’m talking about. Count what you will, but this uncountable experience is essential in real education of the young.

“Do we really want hedge fund overlords in charge of this basic part of childhood and adolescence?

“I’ll also bet that these hedge funds folks send their kids to schools that embrace what I’m saying to the fullest. Their kids’ education shall not be subjected to foolish accountability–which wastes kids’ precious time growing up.”