Angie Sullivan teaches K-2 in Nevada. She follows state policies closely and asks questions.


She is a prolific writer. I wish she would run for the Legislature but then the kids would lose a good teacher.


She sent the following to her large email list (that includes legislators and journalists):


My main points of concern are:


Who is an approved vendor to provide the receipts for obtaining the $5K?


For instance – can a school teacher get a business license and have a private school in their home with ten students and make $50K a year?


The ninety day attendance rule – does this happen every year or once you have attend in your days do your 90 days – can you receive the money every year for the next 13 years?


Fraud – we poorly regulate our charters and schoolers already. This has the potential to create all sorts of scamming education business much like the for profit colleges that already riddle the Vegas Valley.


Could someone potentially move here for 90 days with their children and then go back to Virginia and receive their $15K check for the rest of the children’s careers?


Who decides who is an approved educational service? The Charter Authority does not even list a portion of the failing charters. Will we have huge lists of approved vendors coming and going? Does the regulating body have to follow the open meeting laws or any of the transparency rules?


This has the potential to become the biggest disaster and waste of tax payer money in America. Not to mention siphon every cent from the public schools essentially wiping then out.


We could become the state where parents visit Nevada for 90 days and take their kids home to Connecticut collect their check. The zone variance system in Vegas already shows that parents will game whatever system is in place to attend wherever they want whenever they like.


Any other teachers want to chime in here?