Jesse Turner is “the walking man.”

He made the walk from Connecticut to DC once before. Things have only gotten worse so he is walking again to call attention to the disastrous education policies of the Bush-Obama administrations.

“Jesse “The Walking Man” Turner is walking from Connecticut to Washington D.C. this summer to protest the education malpractice that is demoralizing parents and teachers, and turning our children into human capital. He is a professor of literacy and everything he knows professionally informs him that what is happening to our children in the name of education reform is child abuse.

“This walk is a grassroots campaign to connect the dots across states and bring awareness to the testing abuse that is demoralizing children and their teachers. Jesse will hold Walking Man Events along the way in people’s homes, libraries, coffee shops, churches, and on street corners, to gather evidence from parents, students, and teachers.

“Listen to Jesse’s official kick off on James Avington Miller Jr.’s radio show, The War Report on Public Education.

“Depart: Pomfret, CT on June 11th
Arrive: Washington, D.C. on July 24th for the BATs Teacher Congress and the SOS mock trial: The People vs. Corporate Reform”

Open the link to see Jesse’s route.