How do you cope in Chicago when you have a newly elected mayor whose claim to fame is that he closed 50 public schools, mostly in black neighborhoods? And you have a governor from the 1% who wants to cut the budget for the most vulnerable?

Mike Klonsky describes a night at the Hideout with Karen Lewis, writer Ben Joravsky, and principal Troy LaRaviere. I wish I had been there.

Troy offered this bit of data:

““Of the 50 highest-performing schools in Chicago, all 50 are public schools that were here before he [Rahm Emanuel] arrived,” he said in the four-and-a-half-minute video, referring to NWEA scores. “Of the 20 lowest-performing schools in Chicago, 13 of them – over half – are turnaround and charter schools, which are cornerstones of the Rahm Emanuel education reform agenda.”

The gossip of the night? Troy for mayor. Mike’s brother Fred Klonsky was there, and he loved the idea. Think about it.