The American Federation of Teachers and the Badass Teachers Association collaborated on a survey of teachers that revealed enormous stress among teachers.

Says the article in Yahoo:

“It sounds like the worst job ever. Employees complain about little autonomy, constant stress, being forced to implement new workplace demands without adequate training or institutional support to carry them out. As new recruits, nearly 90 percent were eager to get to work; by the time they’re veterans, more than three-quarters of them say the thrill is gone.

“Welcome to the world of your child’s classroom teacher.

“A new survey of 30,000 educators by the American Federation of Teachers found a broad swath of complaints about the job, including unfunded mandates such as the Common Core curriculum standards and high-stakes achievement tests, as well as negative headlines—and finger-pointing—about failing schools and the black-white achievement gap.

“At the same time, however, surprisingly few say they’re ready to walk away from the Promethean board and leave the classroom.”

The survey found that:

Only 1 in 5 educators feel respected by government officials or the media.
Fourteen percent strongly agree with the statement that they trust their administrator or supervisor.

More than 75 percent say they do not have enough staff to get the work done.
Seventy-eight percent say they are often physically and emotionally exhausted at the end of the day.

Eighty-seven percent say the demands of their job are at least sometimes interfering with their family life.

Among the greatest workplace stressors were the adoption of new initiatives without proper training or professional development, mandated curriculum and standardized tests.
The survey shows the need for a scientific study.

The AFT has called for a federal study.

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