Many people ask, “What can I do to reduce the testing that is making my children’s lives miserable and ruining their love of learning?” This is a democracy. Call your elected representatives in Washington. FairTest recommends citizen action NOW to Reduce Testing Requirements:
National Day of Action Today -April 8
Overhaul ESEA/NCLB: Less Testing More Learning
What: Call your U.S. Senators and join the Twitter storm/Thunderclap. If we raise our voices together, we can persuade the Senate Education Committee to reduce testing requirements as it debates renewal of Elementary and Secondary Education Act/No Child Left Behind.
When: April 8, 2015
Who: Testing Resistance and Reform Spring alliance, convened by FairTest, and including many national and state organizations.

Call your Senators: Take a few minutes today, April 8, to phone your U.S. senators in Washington, DC. Ask to speak to the staffer who works on education policy. If no one is available, leave your message with the person who answered the phone. Find the phone numbers at

Tell your Senators: Here is a model message. Feel free to use it, modify it, or say something entirely different.

Hello. I’m [your name], calling from [your town]. I’m calling to ask Senator [name] to support changes to No Child Left Behind that will promote a saner approach to public school testing. I urge [him/her] to support a switch to testing once each in elementary, middle and high school, and to remove high-stakes consequences from federally required standardized tests. Both these measures will help address the current over-emphasis on testing at the expense of learning.

If you have specific stories about problems with over-testing, please relate them. Personal stories are the most effective.
Twitterstorm: Today at 1:00 PM Eastern time, send a tweet, help build the storm. Here is an example. If you modify it, be sure to include #cutfederaltests and the link to getting your Senators’ numbers:

“Join FairTest, Testing Resistance 4/8 #CutFedTests. Call Senate Cut back tests, end high stakes.”
The link is to Senate phone numbers. The last ‘sentence’ is the basic message.
To tweet your Senators, find their Twitter handles at:

Email: Join the email campaign as well. To send a letter to your Senator, go to: