Thank you to the many readers who have turned this blog into a go-to place for all interested in the battle to save and improve public education!

Many reporters have told me that they check the blog to find out what is happening in education, since most of the mainstream media either doesn’t report on education or writes stories from the point of view of those who want to privatize the public schools.


The blog just passed 19 million page views, as it approaches its 3rd birthday (April 26). It reached 18 million on March 6. That is one million page views in one month. That’s a record for the blog.


Today also happens to be the day I fell exactly one year ago and ruined my knee. I am walking again, but I have a permanent disability. Given the fact that I take blood thinners due to previous bouts with clots, I was lucky that I did not get internal bleeding in the knee when I fell. If I had, I would not have survived it. So I have much to be thankful for today.


My joy in the blog is that it lets parents and educators know not only what is happening–the good and the bad–but that they are not alone. I try to provide a platform for other people’s voices. I have tried to create a community of discussion, debate, and free expression, all in the service of better education for all. I could have been writing another book. The blog has been my form of activism, and I have enjoyed every minute of creating it, facilitating it, weighing in to the comments, arguing when I don’t agree, offering encouragement when others are struggling.


Let me take this opportunity to urge you to sign up for the second annual conference of the Network for Public Education in Chicago on April 24-26. It will be an opportunity to meet with others who share your concerns and to meet some of your favorite bloggers, as well as some awesome speakers and panelists. You will leave feeling inspired and motivated. Join the Resistance to the Status Quo! Anthony Cody will be there, and here are his reasons why you should be too!