As Congress continues to take steps to protect the status quo of high-stakes testing, resistance to this misguided approach to education continues to build. When the public is not heard by its elected officials, the public finds ways to be heard. It was public demonstrations that built the civil rights movement; it was public demonstrations that built the anti-war movement in the 1970s. Keep your eye on what the public is doing. The politicians don’t hear or see until the noise is deafening and the sights cannot be hidden by blindfolds.


Bob Schaeffer of FairTest writes:


Across the U.S. the testing resistance and reform movement is rapidly expanding as annual standardized exam begin in many schools. This week’s stories from more than half the 50 states clearly show the significant impact that parents, students, teachers, administrators and community leaders are having on policy makers in the fight against testing misuse and overuse.


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Arizona Schools Balk at Being Forced to Buy Pricey Equipment for New State Tests


California’s Poor Children Need More Help, Not More Standardized Tests


Colorado Opt-Out Movement Says “No” to New Tests
Colorado Testing Has Not Improved Education Quality for Communities Most in Need


Ed. School Deans Say Connecticut Must Stop Bashing Teachers and Relying on Tests
Connecticut Teacher Explains Flaws of Annual Exams to U.S. Senator


Parents, Teachers Push Back Against Delaware Testing


Problems Plague Debut of New Florida Online Test
Legislators Under Pressure to Overhaul Florida School Testing


Georgia State Super Explains Problems with Federal Testing Mandate to Arne Duncan


lllinois Educators Leery of New State Achievement Test
How to Refuse PARCC in Illinois and Promote Opt-Out Legislation


Parents, Educators Express Concerns About Indiana Tests, Score Misuses


Louisiana Parents Opt Children Out of PARCC Tests


Maine Families Push Back Against Standardized Testing
Super Says Maine Students May Not be Ready for Common Core Tests


Bipartisan Group of Maryland Legislators Challenges Excessive Testing


Standardized Tests Taking Toll on Mississippi Schools


Judge Rules Missouri’s Common Core Testing Pact is Illegal


Thousands Opt Out as Controversial Testing Begins in New Jersey
New Jersey Parents Want PARCC Test “Parked”


Thousands of New Mexico Students Walk Out of School Over Testing
Parents Join New Mexico PARCC Protests


New York City Educators Seek Parents’ Help in Fight Against Governor’s Test-Based Evaluation Scheme
Teachers’ Rally Protest’s New York Gov. Cuomo’s Testing Policies


Ohio Families Opt Out of State Tests in Droves
Critics Say There Are Too Many Standardized Exams in Ohio Schools


Oklahoma Legislators Working to Stop End-of-Course State Tests


Too Much Testing Drives Oregon Opt-Out Surge
Smarter Balanced Assessment Fails the Test in Oregon


Philadelphia Pennsylvania Parents and Teachers Slam High-Stakes Testing at Opt-Out Forum


Rhode Island Educators Support Parents’ Right to Opt Children Out of High-Stakes Tests
Manifesto Against Rhode Island PARCC Testing


South Carolina Educators Say Leave NCLB Behind to Advance Equal Educational Opportunity


New Tennessee Ed. Commissioner Hears Teachers’ Concerns About Testing


Resolution to Reduce Testing Passes Utah House


Seattle, Washington School Refuses to Administer Smarter Balanced Test


Wisconsin School Testing Roller Coaster Takes Another Sharp Turn


More Colleges Look Beyond Test Scores to Determine Admission
FairTest List of 850+ “Test Optional” Bachelor-Degree Granting Institutions


Noam Chomsky on the Dangers of Standardized Testing


Report: New Federal Teacher Prep Rules Too Stringent


Contentious Teacher Evaluation Policies Moving to Courtrooms


In Test-Based Systems, Even Young Children Resist Learning


Current Tests Don’t Measure What Kids Should Really Master



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