Nevada is one of the states that spends the least on education. It ranks 44th in the nation. That could be because the state keeps taxes low for gambling and mining industries. Governor Brian Sandoval is worried that the education system gets poor results, but doesn’t make a connection between low funding and academic outcomes.

Nevada teacher Angie Sullivan expects that the governor will make teachers pay to cut costs and find savings. Angie teaches kindergarten. Both parties have failed to support education, she says:

She writes:

I waited and waited for Democrats. They never did what was right.

Now I face losing my collective bargaining, retirement, and working conditions so that schools will be funded. Someone had to care about kids, I guess it will be teachers who are asked to give – everything – so children can have the basics. It’s ironic that business is whining like they cannot bare the burden, when it is again the teachers that will pay at a high personal cost for the Governor’s plan.

If it has to be – begin with me.

I cannot face my God and confess that I saw thousands of children in need and did nothing.

I do not have much – but take it all if that finally remedies this broken system.

For the record – I asked everyday for years for the billionaires who could pay and for mining who rapes my state of natural resources to pay their fair share instead of myself and my co-workers. The democrats in charge mocked me, called me names, derided me and ignored me. I face the fact that my state and political party will gnaw off its own leg to try to make points for those with cash.

I worry about the future however. A teacher with trained skill will never choose come to work in a state without a solid contract. A game changer for place like Vegas that hires thousands of new recruits every year. Teachers will look elsewhere if we lose our due process along with our retirements – educators should not invest time and money in a Nevada career that does not exist. We should all spread the word that Nevada politics requires too much from its educators – stay away.

If business wants to dictate “education” by business management instead of education by educators and call it REFORM – I’m sure Bill Gates has plenty of product to sell Nevada. Instead of paying for people with contracts – Nevada can pay for software. I’ll warn you – Gates loves money more than Nevada kids. It won’t really be a public school system when its over – likely just a collection of privatized small businesses when its over. Just like the failures in New York, Ohio, Florida, and Lousiana. There will be corruption and graft more abundant than the 33 charters have already perpetrated on Nevada. People will line their pockets with the real educators gone. Maybe a perfect fit for business-friendly and teacher-hating Nevada.

Who needs real care and love – not necessary for Nevada’s kids.

I weep for my Nevada – my home state – and its selfish people.

May God hold us all in His hand. And may the Republican Governor finally find a way to thread the needle even if it takes all I have worked for my whole life.