This is a pictorial graphic that shows the richest woman in every state.


Do you know any of them?


The Network for Public Education is looking for an angel who will help us fight corporate reform. We are trying to defend public schools, teachers, and children from predatory takeovers by powerful special interests.


We would love to find a billionaire who loves public schools.


We would actually be happy to have the help of the second or third or tenth richest person, woman or man.


Until we find that person, we will continue to count on your help with whatever you can afford.


We are not especially well-funded (we are not well funded at all), yet we are beating back the billionaires. Why? Be ause we have the strength of our numbers, including you. We speak for 5 million teachers and for the families of about 45 million students, give or take a few million. With all their billions (of dollars), they can’t beat our millions (of people).


And we are winning because we care about principle, not profit. We believe that right makes might, that failing “reforms” will be exposed as frauds and scams, and that in a democracy, the truth eventually prevails.