For years, I used to see this graffiti in the New York City subways and on random walls: “Question authority.”


This is the message from Yong Zhao, who was born and educated in China and now is a professor at the University of Oregon.


In this post, EduShyster interviews Zhao about his new book, “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Dragon? Why China Has the Best (and the Worst) Education System.


She questions his views about testing, PISA, and the future of education reform.


Yong Zhao is refreshingly candid. He thinks America became a great nation because it did not put too much emphasis on standardized testing.


Standardized testing, he argues, is synonymous with authoritarianism. It kills the creativity, the divergent thinking, the skeptical mindset that is necessary for entrepreneurialism and innovation.


He says it is not too late to change, not too late to escape “the witch that cannot be killed.”