A reader writes to alert us to developments in Winston-Salem:


Another School Board Scandal is developing in Winston-Salem, NC. The recent long-time chair has been elected to the General Assembly, and the handling of vacancies has been outrageous, particularly in light of the fact that the elections are supposed to be non-partisan!

Once a new chair was named for the Board, the Vice-Chair selected was an official that was appointed (not elected) by the majority Republican County Commission to fill a vacant seat from a well-known Democratic member of the Board.


The vacant seat has basically be bungled, first when the county GOP nominated an extreme right-winger and then he had to withdraw after his residency was questioned:



Then they chose a total unknown with a history that includes working for the Koch Brothers’ America for Prosperity.



To sum up: the GOP has hijacked two seats (and the vice-chairmanship) on what is supposed to be a Board chosen through non-partisan elections, naming two candidates that are voucher supporters and corporate reformers.

Hope you can help us shine some light on this terrible problem.