The Network for Public Education endorses candidates who share its values: supporting strong and better public schools, opposing high-stakes testing and privatization. We don’t know everyone running for office everywhere but endorse candidates who seek our endorsement, after a review of the records of all candidates in the race. We are ptoud to endorse Michael Charney, who is running for the state board of education in Ohio.

“The Network for Public Education endorses Michael Charney

“The Network for Public Education is proud to endorse Michael Charney for District 7 Ohio State Board of Education.

“Michael Charney was a social studies teacher for over 30 years. He has worked for smaller classes and to bring student, parent and teacher voices into decision making on public education. He also created community based literacy campaigns that ensured parents had books at home for their children, creating literacy friendly homes.

“Here’s what Charney has to say on high stakes standardized testing:

“Let’s end all high stakes standardized testing and replace the test with thoughtful teacher developed tests and performance assessments that will help teachers decide how best to make sure their instruction is working with all students.

“Stop hurting students with the overreliance on high stakes standardized testing.”

“Charney supports reducing class size:

“His plan would massively reduce class size so students can have personal attention. “Low-income students who enter kindergarten without a large vocabulary especially need that attention and high school teachers need smaller classes so that they will develop projects and in-depth writing assignments for their students.”

“Charney wants Congress to hold Hearings on Testing

“I support Congressional Hearings on standardized tests. Look at my website for the summaries of my listening sessions with Ohio educators to see more day to day examples of how high stakes standardized testing is hurting children, and driving teachers out of teaching.”

“Here’s what Ohioans say about Michael Charney.

“State Representative John Patterson:
“Michael Charney has been an educator and teacher for over 30 years. He gets it. He understands what needs to be done for public education.”

“Tom Schmida, retired teacher and former President of the Clevelnd Heights Teachers Union for 22 years:

“Charney is “incredibly passionate about public education and students. He will work with communities to provide them the very best instruction as well as resources.”

“He goes on to say, “Charney has always been a community activist, he founded Youth Voices in Cleveland. He is a stellar candidate.”

“Charney’s opponent is Sarah Fowler, a strong supporter of home-schooling.
According to the Education Action Group Foundation, Fowler says,
“Gay rights, Marxist ideals, and other elements of the left’s political agenda have slowly crept into school lesson plans with the help of teachers unions and their allies and it’s important to counter that influence to provide students with a proper education. I would say the union is definitely promoting that agenda.”

“According to the Education Action Group, Sarah Fowler says “American history in most Ohio public schools, for example, starts at the Civil War, omitting lessons on the people and documents that founded the United States of America.”

“This is not accurate according to the Ohio Department of Education, 8th grade students study U.S. History from 1492 to 1877.

“Michael Charney understands schools need to improve. His proposes to:

Stop the over-reliance on high-stakes tests

Protect student privacy and not allow the sharing of your children’s data

Increase parent engagement

Continue to support smaller classes

Two things you can do to support Michael Charney:

Today, donate

VOTE NOVEMBER 4th for Michael Charney

Ohio State School Board, District 7.

The Network for Public Education joins parents and teachers and community leaders throughout District 7 who know Michael Charney is the best candidate for the job. Please support MIchael on Tuesday, November 4!