By an overwhelming margin, the Providence Teachers Union rejected a contract that would have eliminated all job security.

“PROVIDENCE — The Providence Teachers Union on Monday rejected a three-year contract proposal that would have eliminated the job-security clause and allowed management to create a new compensation system that would have awarded extra pay for additional responsibilities.

The 1,900-member union voted 611-182 to strike down the proposed deal, according to Maribeth Calabro, union president.

The membership struck down the proposal due to “misrepresentations” by Mayor Angel Taveras’ administration when the tentative agreement was unveiled that “poisoned the well,” Calabro said. Also, language in the new compensation plan, for example, was unduly vague, in the membership’s view, and “a lack of trust” had developed between the union and the school administration and the city.”

Mayor Angel Taveras, an advocate of non-union charter schools, said there was nothing left to negotiate.