Chris in Florida writes in response to the news that Broward County may give as many as 1,500 tests to satisfy a new law that requires tests in every subject and every grade—to evaluate teachers:

“The Florida Legislature is famous for making poor, spur of the moment decisions when passing laws, never thinking through the longterm results and implications.

“If ALEC says do it, they do it and smile broadly while cashing the campaign contribution checks from the lobbyists.

“This time they have overreached by about a mile. School districts in Florida cannot raise taxes to pay for unfunded mandates such as this. The state cut funding under Gov. Scott and shifted much of the education money to charter schools and ‘opportunity’ scholarships for religious private schools.

“We have the ability in this state to pass any constitutional amendment put forth to the voters. That is how we got the Class Size Amendment done.

“I think it is time for us to write an amendment barring the state legislature from micromanaging public schools through unfunded mandates, using school funding to intimidate and coerce districts into abusing children through testing, and requiring legislators to undergo the same kinds of scrutiny and evaluation they force on teachers. It’s time for legislative VAM and weekly civics and law tests.

“Are you with me, Sunshine staters?”