The conservative journal “Education Next” reported a poll showing that support for Common Core plummeted among teachers from 76% to 46%. Conservative supporters of Common Core think that teachers are afraid of accountability but that doesn’t explain why 76% thought it was a good idea last year.

Peter Greene explains the teachers’ change of mind, which he is well-qualified to do since he is a teacher.

Here are a few of the reasons:

First, writes Greene, was the lying.

“Remember how supporters of the Core used to tell us all the time that these standards were written by teachers? All. The. Time. Do you know why they’ve stopped saying that? Because it’s a lie, and at this point, most everybody knows it’s a lie. The “significant” teacher input, the basis in solid research– all lies. When someone is trying to sell you medicine and they tell you that it was developed by top doctors and researchers and you find out it wasn’t and they have to switch to, “Well, it was developed by some guys who are really interested in mediciney stuff who once were in a doctor’s office”– it just reduces your faith in the product.”

Second was when we discovered that we were not allowed to change anything to make it better suited to the needs of our students.

Third was when they started training us and kept telling us to shut up and do what they wanted. Our experience counted for nothing.

Fourth was when they slandered opponents as extremists. Either do what they said or find that Arne Duncan labeled you as misguided and misinformed.

Fifth was when we learned how much the Common Core would cost, how many consultants would be hired, how it would suck up all the new money in the budget.

Then there was the child abuse: “Many of us just finished our first year of Core-aligned curriculum, and in many cases it was awful. We were required to force students to operate at or beyond frustration level day after day. We watched school stamp out the spirit of the smallest students, whose defining characteristic is that they love everything, including school. While CCSS boosters were off sipping lattes in nice offices, we were there at ground zero watching 180 days of exactly how this reform affected real, live students.”

And there is more. Those who believe in Common Core should read what Peter Greene experienced. It explains why teacher support fell like a heavy stone.