You know who Campbell Brown is: she is the former CNN anchor who wants to get rid of teacher tenure. She apparently thinks that teachers should be fired if someone in charge wants to fire them

You may not know Mike Mignone. He is a veteran middle-school math teacher in Belleville, New Jersey, and also president of his union.

When the school board awarded a contract for $2 million to install a surveillance system (not a security system) to a relative of a school board member, Mike Mignone blew the whistle on the deal.

JJ wrote:

“As Mignone’s lawyer puts it: in October, he found out; in November, he spoke out; in December, tenure charges were filed against him. Mignone, who had always had excellent reviews, suddenly found out he would be up on charges that included (get ready for this one) answering students’ questions about the surveillance system. According to Mignone, his students asked him questions about whether they were being monitored; he took a few minutes out of class and gave them some honest answers. That, in this board’s and this superintendent’s minds, counts as a fireable offense.”

JJ wrote: “Mignone was suspended without pay. The only reason he wasn’t fired on the spot was that he was entitled to a tenure hearing. Last night, the results of that hearing were announced at the New Jersey Education Association’s annual summer meeting: Mignone was cleared of most changes, reinstated, and has been awarded back pay. I can think of no better example of why teachers need tenure than Mike Mignone. This courageous teacher and labor leader stood up for the rights of students and teachers, all while saving the taxpayers millions of dollars. But the only reason he has a job today is because he had earned the right to a fair hearing — the very definition of tenure.”

JJ hopes that Mike Mignone is invited to debate Campbell Brown on national television.