Peter Green watched a 30-minute interview of David Coleman at the Aspen Ideas Festival.

The big news from the interview is that Coleman doesn’t demonized critics of the CCSS and thinks it’s a big mistake to treat all critics as crazies and/or liars.

But what fascinates Green is Coleman’s self-regard, and also his strange idea that it is up to certain special people to fix our institutions.

Coleman trsponds to a question by interviewer Jane Stoddard Williams about Bill Gates’ admission that despite his best efforts, he has not yet reformed education:

“Coleman imagines that Gates is bothered that he hasn’t moved the needle enough, and Coleman thinks it’s very brave and decent to admit that. And for those of you hoping to see Coleman 2.0, I’ll point out that neither Coleman nor Williams addresses the question of why, in a democracy, a really rich private citizen should be taking on personal responsibility for a function of federal, state and local government without the benefit of, say, voters asking him to do so.”