Jersey Jazzman writes that we know what Campbell Brown is against: bad teachers. She says teachers should have due process protections. So does Arne Duncan. Unions would agree with them that termination hearings should not be expensive and endless.

So what does she want?

Jersey Jazzman writes:

“Campbell, I’d be a lot less inclined to question your motivations if you would just do us all a favor and tell us what it is you want.

“I went to your website and tried to find a proposal for a system of teacher workplace protections — it wasn’t there. There were, of course, plenty of reformy talking points gussied up with research that show illustrations of the importance of teacher quality. But there wasn’t anything that resembled evidence that shows tenure suppresses overall teacher quality, and there wasn’t anything even remotely resembling a concrete proposal to “fix” a tenure and seniority system that still hasn’t been shown to be a drag in student achievement.

“If you want to have a serious debate about tenure and seniority, Campbell, the very least you should do is present some sort of alternative system of teacher, student, and taxpayer protections. If you think you can come up with something that will work better than tenure and seniority, by all means let’s hear it.

“But unless and until you do, your complaints are little better than whining. And no teacher worth his or her chalk puts up with that. – See more at:”