Colorado and Denver are very friendly territory for corporate reformers. They have poured big money into state and local school board races. It has one of the nation’s most extreme teacher-evaluation laws, with 50% of teachers’ rating based on test scores. The law was written by State Senator Michael Johnston (ex-TFA). U.S. Senator Michael Bennett is a stalwart of corporate reform. In recent elections, “reformers” swept the Denver school board and the Douglas school. Board

Now the corporate reformers have decided to pick up a seat on the state school board. Their candidate taught for two years in TFA. He is getting generous support from Democrats for Education Reform (DFER), the hedge fund managers; from Stand for Children, which is funded by the Waltons and various equity investors; and others from the corporate reform crowd.

His opponent, Valentina Flores, is a veteran educator, with 43 years in the field. On her website, she says: “I oppose big money and corporatization in our public education system. I oppose high stakes testing that takes away valuable classroom learning time. I oppose a “reform” model that is slowly privatizing our public education system. We cannot allow free public education to be traded on NASDAQ and sold to the highest bidder.” You can see why the people with big money could not support a candidate like Flores.

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