This comment was posted by Karin Klein, who writes editorials for the Los Angeles Times:

“As a member of the Times editorial board, I continue to try to correct the inaccurate information that is continually put out in public about the Times’ position on education issues. The editorial board is generally a supporter of keeping Deasy, that is true. But it does not stand behind him “no matter what.” In fact, the Times editorial board has been questioning and criticizing the iPad purchase since 2012.

“I blogged last month about the importance of keeping Magruder on the bond oversight committee.

“And the editorial board followed that up with an editorial Tuesday that called for him to be reinstated.

“Debate about the education issues of the day is constructive, but the spreading of mistruths and the carelessness about accurate information does not serve that purpose.”

Karin Klein
Editorial Writer
Los Angeles Times