Crazy Crawfish, aka Jason France, used to work in the assessment division of the Louisiana State Department of Education. He has sources there, and he knows the games that officials can play to make data look better or worse.

In this post, he asserts that State Commissioner of Education John White, with two years in TFA and a few years in Joel Klein’s NYC Department of Education, came to Louisiana with a strong view of what to do and how to lead the change that he thought was needed.

France says that White did not agree with Governor Jindal’s voucher plan, but went along.

He says he knew that the VAM plan was problematic.

But he also knew he had to produce higher test scores to claim victory.

What he had going for him is that the media opin Louisiana is passive, and the public can’t or won’t follow stories that involve math. That provides plenty of leeway for officials looking for a win.