Peter Greene has determined that some people in the world of education are serious and some are very silly.

Serious people understand that words have consequences. They seek some congruity between their reality, their values, and their goals.

Greene identifies a number of people who are very silly. For example:

“The Hedgemasters backing the charter movement are not serious people. Charters are investment opportunities and educational rhetoric is just ad copy. They are no more serious about finding real educational solutions than General Mills is serious about researching what the most healthy breakfast would really include.

“The Data Overlords are not serious people. Or rather, they’re not serious about education. They are serious about data collection, but it really makes no difference to them whether the education delivered is good or not, just as long as it’s all tagged and bagged.

“The Systems and Government pushers are not serious people. They are sure that if they can get total control of the whole system, it will work the way they imagine it will, and they do not want to be distracted by any evidence to the contrary. The pursuit of excellence should never be derailed by facts, or by the puny lesser humans who get in the way.

“The corporate profiteers are not serious people. When Pearson believes their main problem is bad PR, they show such a disconnect from life on this planet that they cannot be taken as serious people.”

Why have so many silly people taken control of a very serious and important enterprise?