When asked about Teach for America, I always answer that the recruits are terrific, very smart, very idealistic, but the organization is greedy, self-serving, and power-hungry. This commenter disagrees. He/she thinks that the recruits should know better. She/he thinks that if they are smart, they should know they are being used by an organization that is using them to build its power base, and they should know that they can’t overcome poverty by serving for two years in a hard-pressed district or by taking a job away from an experienced teacher.


Says the commenter:


I’m tired of people saying “well the kids who do TFA are alright it’s the organization that’s the problem.”

It’s not true. Without recruits, there would be no TFA. I consciously decided not to join the organization because I recognized that teaching without experience was a disservice and injustice to our nation’s underserved youth. Without members there can be no organization. There is no excuse for supporting an organization that exacerbates injustice and for being an uninformed member of the TFA corps.

And not all of its members are so idealistic. Most people I know joined it for a blip on their resume, because they needed a boost for law school. Using underserved youth to get into law school is not idealistic. It’s borderline imperialistic and absolutley unethical. TFA corps members have college degrees. They should know better.