John Thompson, historian and teacher, understands the long view of history. He thinks deeply, tries to see different sides of issues, and given his training in the study of history, knows that bad things eventually collapse, wither, die, fade away.

And so I am glad to see his support for my belief that the current ungrounded attacks on public education and on teachers will not survive. It is such a nonsensical campaign that it cannot succeed. Its basic belief that the private sector is inherently superior to the public sector in supplying essential services has no basis in fact, nor does its bottomless faith in the data produced by narrow-gauge standardized tests.

As is his way, John talked to people who see merit in these ideas. But his fundamental fairness and his strong sense of history led him to see a correction in the works. This moment of error wil not last. Historians will pick over the bones of discredited ideas. And the time will come when teachers will be free to teach and students will be free to learn, chastened by the lessons of an era of data-driven mindlessness.