In Jefferson County, Colorado, the state’s largest school district, there is an opening for a school superintendent.

Representative Mark Waller, who dropped out of the Attorney General’s race, has applied for the job.

Waller has no educational credentials. He has never been a teacher, a principal, a supervisor, or a scholar of education.

But all his references say he is a really swell guy who gets along with people and knows how to work well with others.

The previous superintendent left Jefferson County because the newly elected board majority is intent on eliminating public education and giving every student a voucher.

This apparently is no problem for Rep. Waller, because he can get along well with everybody.

But no high-performing nation in the world chooses educational leaders who have no professional education experience.

No airline hires pilots because they like to fly.

No hospital hires doctors because they get along well with people in every walk of life.

Only education is a field where someone would have a serious shot at a responsible position, despite lack of any professional qualifications.

I don’t mean to say anything bad about Representative Waller. I wish him well in his chosen realm of politics.

He should follow his dream and his experience.