Several readers asked whether my reply to Alexander Nazaryan of Newsweek would be reposted where more readers might see it.

Nazaryan took Louis C.K. to task for criticizing Common Core. I explained patiently to Alexander why I agreed with Louis.

Happily, Valerie Strauss saw the post (which I spend a few hours writing at a time when I should have been icing my damaged knee), and she reposted in on her Washington Post blog today.

As for the knee, it is not looking so great right now.

I have many complications facing me, in large part because I am on blood thinners and I have to suspend their use for the surgery.

That puts me at grave risk because the most dangerous part of knee surgery is blood clots, which are life-threatening.

It is all too much to deal with, let alone think about, so I was glad to have the diversion of writing a letter to Alexander.

I must say he was extremely generous in his Tweets in response. He said in one of them that his wife agrees with me, and I tweeted back that his wife is brilliant.

Isn’t it a strange new world that we live in, where strangers communicate via Twitter and other social media and have friendly (and sometimes unfriendly) exchanges?

I think Alexander is an intelligent man, and I don’t really believe he wants schools to be joyless.

I believe he will keep thinking about these issues and come to see that learning and joy are not mutually exclusive.

Sometimes the problems that are hardest to solve are the sources of the greatest joy.

And sometimes I think I should just go ice my knee.