The blog has had a few posts about Vivian Connell (see here and here and here,) who left teaching in North Carolina to go to law school; graduated with honors, then learned she had ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and only a few years to live.


Vivian has returned to teaching and decided that she wanted to make her time count. She started a fund to take a class of 32 children to the U. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in D.C.


Vivian was trying to raise $20,000. She met her goal and then some. Thanks to all who sent a gift to this wonderful project.


I received the following email from Vivian:



We made it and then some!

An angel donor funded the balance of all the basics, and we are receiving a couple of thousand more that we will put toward “treats” – perhaps souvenirs, ice cream and T-shirts?

Moreover, I received an unbelievable honor today: as a result of this project and all of the publicity, a local donor/supporter of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum contacted the director, and she has invited me to be her guest next week at the museum’s events to commemorate the Day of Remembrance. I am just gobsmacked.

I owe you so much-your blog started it all, and every article quoted your kind words.

I can’t wait to welcome you to Raleigh next year for NPE2015, and I plan to make more waves for our causes before then!

Love and respect,