I took a fall on April 5 and had the misfortune to land full-force on my left knee. At first the knee surgeon thought I wouldn’t need surgery, and that was reassuring. However, when he saw the MRI, he changed his mind. I had managed to tear not only my ACL but the meniscus ligaments in my knee. The surgeon recommended a total knee replacement. So that’s what I will do. The date for surgery is May 9. Lots of pre-surgical tests before then, and lots of physical therapy to get ready and more after the surgery.

It is not a pleasant prospect to say the least. But this too shall pass.

In the meanwhile, I will stay on top of the news about education and continue to keep the living room open for frank discussion about the state of American education.

The Network for Public Education is going strong.

The corporate reformers seem to be growing more desperate every day, with more stories, editorials, and commercials urgently pushing their failed snake oil cures. The public is becoming aware of the scams intended to privatize their schools and of the billionaires and entrepreneurs eager to monetize public education. Here’s the good news: they are losing. Everything they do fails. We know it. They know it. No matter how much Duncan throws his weight around, no matter how many organizations Gates buys, the word is getting out. We will not hand over our public schools to corporations.

The battle will go on, and I count on you to stand up for our kids, our teachers, our schools, and real education, and to resist the tyranny of high-stakes testing and school closings, wherever you are. I may be home bound with a bum knee, but please stand up and fight wherever you are. We will win for two reasons: one, everything they propose has failed to improve education; two, we are many, and they are few.