Veteran journalist Bob Braun obtained a copy of Newark’s administrative payroll, and it is a shocker.

Braun writes:

“A third of Newark’s public school teachers face layoffs. The contracts of seven employee unions, including nurses, cafeteria workers, and laborers, have expired and the administration of state superintendent Cami Anderson refuses to settle. Counselors were laid off. Public schools have been stripped of assets and allowed to crumble. Cami drove the district into a $40 million budget hole but, despite all that, she has given hefty raises to the district’s top administrators, according to a Newark Public Schools document this site obtained. Just as Gov. Chris Christie takes care of his friends, Anderson’s loyal pals, from New York, New Orleans, Teach for America, and charter schools, make big bucks in the city school administration at the expense of Newark’s school children.”

One staffer got a raise from $75,000 to $135,000.

Another from $131,500 to $175,000.

Another from $140,000 to $175,000.

On it goes.

What are the metrics for their value added?