A new website launched recently to aggregate articles about education.

It is called “Realcleareducation,” associated with “Realclearpolitics.”

I have found some good articles in the site, which does a national sweep of education news.

But just like my blog, which is pro-public school, pro-teacher, and pro-parent, as well as anti-privatization and anti-high-stakes testing, the new site has a point of view. Realcleareducation, like Realclearpolitics tilts to the right.

The executive editor of “Realcleareducation” is Andrew Rotherham, head of Bellwether Associates and columnist for TIME. Although Andy worked in the Clinton administration, he is a strong supporter of the “reform” movement, an admirer of Teach for America, high-stakes testing, Michelle Rhee, charters, corporate reform, privatization, and all the old familiar memes of the status quo. Some of his clients are “reformers.” One of his associates at Bellwether is Andy Smarick, who longs for the day when public schools and democratic control are replaced by charters.

As David Sirota reported, Realcleareducation is funded in part by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation. A billionaire, Arnold is an outspoken opponent of public sector pensions. Sirota wrote:

“As part of his campaign to convince state and local governments “to stop promising a (retirement) benefit” to police officers, firefighters, teachers and other public workers, anti-pension Enron mogul John Arnold is now funding pension converge for Forbes Media’s RealClearEducation. According to a note on RealClearEducation disclosure page, “The Laura and John Arnold Foundation supports RealClearEducation’s coverage of issues affecting teacher pensions.” This appears to be part of Arnold’s larger move to fund media coverage of the same anti-pension campaign he is now waging in the political arena.”