I cross-posted my article about “The Fatal Flaw of the Common Core Standards” at Huffington Post and on Valerie Strauss’ The Answer Sheet, to reach the broadest possible audience.

This comment appears on Huffington Post:

Craig Schultz (Craig_Schultz)
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Thank you Diane Ravitch for bringing up a point which has never been mentioned previously.I’ve worked in international standards organizations representing various corporate and government interests in both the ITU-T and ISO and the points you raise are spot on. The Common Core “Standards” can be no such thing as they don’t even represent ‘defacto’ standards, let alone mutually agreed upon by all stake holders involved.Beyond their poor content, i.e. standards in math setting requirements 2 years behind the rest of the world, the fact that there is no process to amend them speaks worlds as to their lack of being a “standard”.

Standards are revised, updated and sometimes even redacted as new and better standards become available but with Common Core, they are essentially carved in stone as there is no provisions allowing for or supporting their change.

24 MAR 9:28 AM
You might wonder why I did not send that very important article about the Common Core to the New York Times. It is because the New York Times rejected my last submission with no explanation and continues to post editorials and articles endorsing the Common Core.  I have decided not to waste my time trying to please the editors of the New York Times’ Op-ed page. They accept what they want, and they don’t accept what I write. The last time I published there was in 2011. I don’t expect ever to publish there again, so I use the power of social media to bypass their editorial screen.